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Breitling 140th Anniversary: New Navitimer Cosmonaute, GMT and Automatic


replica MB&F HM11 Watches

MB&F HM11 Architect's Watch

The new Horological Machine N°11 Architect just released by MB&F is one of the most innovative and creative new watches in recent years. Inspired by founder Maximilian Büsser’s love of 1960s experimental architecture, the HM11 reimagines the case as a house, albeit with signature MB&F flair. Directly influenced by the Charles Haerling-designed Brenton House, HM11 Architect is an unexpected launch from a brand that is almost starting to feel predictable.

Donna Stella
Donna Stella

The Big Nickel Over G formation in Madden 2

In the world of Madden NFL gaming, defensive strategies play a critical role in determining the outcome of a match. Madden 24 coins Gamers are constantly searching for effective defensive schemes that can thwart their opponents' offensive plans. One such strategy that's gaining attention in Madden 24 is the "Big Nickel Over G" defense. This versatile formation offers a balanced approach to stopping both the run and pass, making it a valuable asset in your defensive playbook.

The Big Nickel Over G Defense

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