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(((TIEŠRAIDE HD<<<<))) Daugava D Jelgava skatīties interneta tiešraidē 17 marts 2023

Western Union Agent Locations Transfer money online now. Phone: +371-67608347 · Directions Share. D. 14.05 km Daugavas 6, Jumpravas Pagasts Vecumnieki, Jelgava, LV

5Jelena G. 3 years ago Well presented exhibition, interesting historical facts about Dole isle. For nature lovers there is a very nice park. 5N8 N. 2 years ago Beautiful place! 👍😃 5Jevgenijs K. 3 years ago Nice place, nice river view! You can rent a small terrace for barbecue. We did and had fun! 5Sean C. 3 years ago It is small, but a great little place to visit on the island. 5Juris R. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Great walking place close to Riga!! Lieliska pastaigu vieta tuvu Rīgai!! 5Anna P.

6 months ago We like this park! Good way to spent a few hours with family👍 5Марина �. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Bullfinches can be seen on the territory of the museum На территории музея можно увидеть снегирей 5Дмитрий �. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) A picturesque place, we really liked it, in winter it is worth coming to sled from the hill. There are museum objects and a place for a picnic, I suppose it is necessary to reserve in advance, but during the pandemic it was closed. Живописное место, нам очень понравилось, зимой стоит приехать покататься на санках с горки.

Daugava museumFrequently mentioned in reviews: walk (6) museum (7) beautiful (7) park (8) interesting (9) vieta (9) place (24) 5Aleksandrs �. 1 year ago Place must visit any turists or Latvia living. You can find out something about history of Daugava river befor HES building. Who was living on Daugava long time ago, some arheological findings, not much but stil interesting. 5Uldis K. 10 months ago An absolutely underestimated place! We came around just to fulfill our free time, not expecting much. But there’s so much too see! And the entry fee is just 2eur! Someday we’ll book a picknick table for a larger summer event. 5Artis Z. 9 months ago Tour (English, latviešu, русский) that will last for about 2 hours.

Tiešsaistes kamera : Pilsēta - Jelgava Tiešsaistes kamera. Kontakti. Jelgavas valstspilsētas pašvaldība. Lielā iela 11, Jelgava, LV-3001. +371 63005522 · Klientu

Есть музейные объекты и место под пикник, предпологаю зарание надо резервировать, но во время пандемии было закрыто. 5Aldis K. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Walk through the park, the museum is closed. Pastaiga pa parku, muzejs ir slēgts. 5Hannes T. 2 years ago Beautiful park, interesting museum! 5Andris S. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) An unexpectedly interesting exposition, visual and informational. Modern technology is present. Неожиданно интересная экспозиция, наглядная и информационная.

Apavi internetā | Apavu veikals: Kurpes, Bērnu apavi, Somas, Dzijas - Apavi internetā, Apavu interneta veikals Gabi. Ātra piegāde. Kurpes, Basainītes, Sandales, Iešļūcenes, Kedas, Sporta, Balerīnas, Mokasīni, Izejamie

Присутствуют современные технологии. 5D. 5 years ago Interesting place 4Eva V. 3 years ago It was OK. We enjoyed the tour. Orientation game outside would have been better. Nethertheless, a lot useful information and interesting workshop made the tour enjoyable. Although the lady at the counters seemed hostile and beautiful chained dog ar the entrance disappointed me. 4naidanodoklis R. 2 years ago Ok 4Elvijs S. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) It would be another place to drink mulled wine or tea, it would be super... Būtu vēl vieta, kur iedzert karstvīnu vai tēju, būtu super... 4Dace �. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Beautiful nature views near Riga. Skaisti dabas skati netālu no Rīgas. 4Guntis S. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Good walk Laba pastaiga 4Phin P.

Enjoy a walk in a park with the family. Recommended for all nature lovers and history nerds. 5Old A. 9 months ago It's surprising how much information you can experience here. You can see skulls here. 5Māris B. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) A place for slow reflection on everything,,, (Original) Vieta, lēnām pārdomām, par visu,,, 5Vita B. 2 years ago We went for a walk in a park. Parking area is not that large, but the park is very picturescue. Enjoyed good 2 hours while slowly takkng in all the beauty around us. Family ticket (2 adults +2 kids) costed us 4, 50 eur 5Mārtiņš G.

The wedding was celebrated here 10 years ago. Now there is a lot of progress in the museum and there will be even more soon.. Vienmēr liksies īpaša vieta. Kāzas pirms 10 gadiem šeit svinētas. Tagad vērojams liels progress muzejā un būšot vēl vairāk drīzumā.. 5Mona M. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Beautiful place for a walk! Skaista vieta pastaigai! 5Sabina S. 10 months ago Nice, beautiful place to relax, nice garden, near is cafe where you can get a drink and downstairs you can swim in Daugava 5Kristīne P. 2 years ago (Translated by Google) Historic, spacious place. Vēsturiska, plaša vieta.

[sporta tiešraide] Metta LU Daugava D tiešraide 6 novembris 2022 | SOPK Europe To watch the live stream, all you have to do is sign up for an account online. You'll be able to completely immerse yourself in the realm

Jaunākās ziņas, komentāri, pētījumi, foto, video tiešraides, izklaide - Portāls - aktuālākās ziņas, kas ietekmē tavu ikdienu. Bezmaksas portāls, kur uzzināt svarīgo, interesanto, pārsteidzošo. Bezmaksas ziņas un

[[Futbols#]] Metta LU Spartaks skatīties interneta tiešraidē 20 08. 22. Ziņojam par aktualitātēm FK Metta rindās. Nedēļas nogalē svarīgā spēlē Daugavas stadionā uzņemsim Spartaks Jūrmala Ievietots 18. 22. FS Metta

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