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Samuel Diaz

Where To Buy Nair Roll On Wax

I am here today to share my reviews about a product I recently used. I have always had a bad experience of waxing at home because it is so messy and painful. So, I was looking for a product which can come handy and I bought Nair hair remover roll on. So, roll on to know more about this product ?

where to buy nair roll on wax

I bought this product only because it has a roll-on attachment on the tube which is convenient while applying the wax. It is definitely a lot better than the pre-made strips and much easier to use than wax that needs to be applied with wood applicators.

I followed the instruction carefully and microwaved it only for 15 seconds, it was decently warm and then applied it on my legs first, the application was smooth. Wax came out uniformly from the roller.

Instructions for use:For complete instructions and important tips, read enclosed insert carefully before using.The tube of wax is ready for use in 3 minutes in hot water.The roll-on applicator screws on and is easily cleaned with water after use.Results last up to 8 weeks*.Paraben-free, dye-free, perfume-free, dermatologist tested, the formula is enriched with white lily and is gentle on delicate face skin.

I was skeptical how a wax product could heat up evenly in a tube-like handle and roll on without worry... then harden quick enough to rip off and repeat. WASTE OF MONEY. This is just a gooey mess. Don't waste time or money.

I absolutely love this, I think with having kids around is why I decided to choose this I am all about it being natural, and the fact that it is in a safer container and not just hot wax in a jar sitting there is what intrigued my interest. I use this and only this. I find it rolls on smooth and comes off just as smooth. It does have it flaws but as does all wax, it is very sticky. I even found with my young children around doing a taste test and it does not taste that bad either

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