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[[TV DIRECTE**]] live broadcast of the match between Iran and Russia on March 23, 2023

Channel 3 live broadcast, it should be noted that Channel 3 programs are free of charge, and also Persian messages are broadcast in the signal of this network. The importance of this network is so high that it is always known as one of the best TV channels, and in fact, due to its variety of programs and many fans, some internet sites like Fam site try to broadcast channel 3 live. c They provide high quality.

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Three Sims Network History of the Three Sims Network The Three Sims Network is one of the popular and old radio and television networks that started producing programs for the first time since December 14, 2014 with the aim of producing programs for young people. group of society, as well as the production, provision and broadcast of programs on this topic. In his work, he prioritized sports, competition and entertainment. The network's first manager was Mohammad Jaafar Safi, who held this responsibility from its inception until 2012. Following this, Ali Asgharpour Mohammadi (former Tehran network manager) was selected to manage the Se Sima network until 2013.

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Currently, the judges of this program are Mina Mernush, Hamidreza Moteginia, Alireza Yonchi, Hojatulla Abdulmaleki, Amir Shekohinia. Seema Channel 3 social program "Moms" from Channel 3's Moms program, directed by Saeed Ebrahimi, produced by Mojtaba Hosseini and edited by Seyyed Milad Nazimi, is broadcast every day at 18:00 on Channel 3. This program is a joint product of the social group Se-Sima and Soura Film, and it tries to show the problems and important issues of women's lives today without touching the position of the mother on television. Therefore, we can safely say that this program will be very different from other TV programs in the field of family, women and education. Zoji Nu Zoji Nu is a television and family competition hosted by Hamed Hani, which is designed and run to highlight the foundations of the family, create a fun spirit among couples, and encourage young people to get married and start a family. for broadcasting on Sima channel 3.

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Bahune is produced and directed by Hamed Khani. Nonstop, challenging program on channel 3, this program is produced and produced by Reza Gholam Hosseinnejad and directed by Raheem Sadeghpour. The Continuing Program is one of the mixed and complex programs of the 3-Sima network that addresses the diverse and varied societal issues and explores social, cultural and political doubts and issues by program experts. Search for talents with the program "Midon" from the live broadcast of Channel 3. The Midon program is a talent search competition that supports start-up businesses. The first season of this program started in Mehr 2018 and was produced by Mohammad Hossain Hashemi Golpaygani and is still ongoing. The process of the program is that each episode features several top start-up companies that will defend their business in the presence of judges and a group of elite Iranian students. After presenting their plan, at the end of each month, the best entrepreneur is selected from among the best people in each series by audience voting and is awarded the program prize, which is a loan of one billion.

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"The Way of Love", in anticipation of the Arbain days of walking, the documentary film "The Way of Love", directed by Amir Tajik, is aired every day at 17:50 on Channel Three. This is the work program of the Islamic Culture and Education Group, which tells romantic narratives full of Hosseini's knowledge and passion to inform the audience. The series consists of 15 episodes lasting from 15 to 20 minutes. Ziafat Dost is a special program broadcast live on Channel 3. Ziafat Dost is a special name for a program that is prepared and produced for the treatment of diseases and the healing of the sick, with an emphasis on reading the prayers of Sahifa Sajjadiyeh and every night from 30 minutes in the morning from the temple of Hazrat Masoumeh. ).

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From 1391 to 1393, Majid Zain al-Abidin succeeded Ali Asgharpour Mohammadi. From 1393 to 1395, Gholamreza Mirhosseini was elected director of Channel 3, and after 1395 to 1397, Pur Mohammadi took over control of Sima Channel 3 for the second time, and from 1397 to the present day, the management of this network has been entrusted to Ali Forugi. 3rd channel live broadcast 3rd channel live broadcasting groups are involved to create 3rd channel programs, five program groups of sports group, culture and Islamic education group, social group, entertainment, entertainment and competition group, film and series group and group news. in It is an activity and with a programming approach, entertainment

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